Do You Offer Baseboard Heater Covers In Lengths Larger Than 7′ Feet?

Yes, well, sort of. To achieve any length beyond our standard 84”, we simply use two or more panels and join them with couplers.

Can I Get A Custom Color For These Heater Covers?

Yes but only for large commercial orders. However, the standard semi-gloss white powder coated surface or the urban steel finish can be painted by you but we recommend that you consult a professional painter.

Is It Difficult To Remove My Old Radiator Covers?

No. Simply pop the old end caps off first and then you can remove the face plate.

Is There Risk Of Damage During The Removal Process?

That depends. Hopefully you take proper safety precautions required for your circumstances. For most people it is very easy and there is no risk.

What Should I Do With My Old Parts?

Depending on what they are made of, you may be able to recycle them for cash. We do not have a pick up or trade in service.

Now That My Covers Are Removed What Do I Do Now?

This is where you take measurements of the width and height of your baseboard heating system. These measurements will help you order the correct sizes. See our Measuring and Installation page here.

How Do I Take Measurements For New Covers?

See our Measuring and Installation page here.

Once I Know The Correct Dimensions What Now?

Go to our “baseboard cover pricing” button above and build your Baseboard kit or purchase parts individually. Complete your order and check out.  It’s that simple.

How Do I Make Sure I Order The Right Parts?

If you measure according to our instructions and order a Kit, all ends, couplers, and panels are figured for you.  If you need custom cuts or have baseboards other than straight or L shape, please give us a call and we will help you over the phone, through fax or email.

How Long Will It Be Before I Get My Order?

Typically orders are processed & shipped in 3-5 business days and are delivered by FedEx. Most orders are 3-5 business days in transit. If you need a faster delivery time please give us a call.

Once My Order Arrives What Should I Do?

Open the package and verify that all parts were properly shipped. There should a parts list in the package.

How Do I Install The New Heater Covers?

Assuming you have removed your old covers, you simply place the new face plate on your heater. After that, you pop on the end caps.

Do I Put The End Caps On First or The Face Plate?

Face plate first, then end caps.

What Do I Do If It Seems Like The Parts Don’t Fit?

Sometimes the end caps may seem a little tight which is a good thing. Pre-fitting the end caps on the panel before hanging the covers on the back plate will be well worth the time. If the panel doesn’t fit or is too long then you have an issue, that may require a little extra work to fix.  This may require a jig saw and a “fine tooth” metal cutting jig saw blade, but is something that most do it yourselfers can handle.

How Do I Make Custom Cuts To The Covers?

You can cut the length of the cover itself, but will need to use the proper tools as the cover could become bent or damaged if not done properly. Preferably you need to use a good jig saw with a fine cut metal cutting jigsaw blade. Hopefully, you measured correctly before ordering and determined you needed a custom length and called us. We provide free custom cuts!

Can I Expect The “Child Safe” Features To Prevent Burns?

Yes and No. Our covers can not prevent burns but they can reduce the likelihood of getting burned. The small holes in the cover prevent fingers and tiny hands from getting inside the heater and getting burned that way. It can also help prevent getting cut on the aluminum fins. However, the cover itself can become hot to the touch and possibly cause burns depending on the temperature of the piping.

I Have Seen Rusty Radiators. Will These Ever Rust?

Lifetime Warranty: EZ SNAP BaseBoard Heater Covers have a limited lifetime warranty against rust. They are made of galvanized steel which is then covered with a semi-gloss white powder coating and oven baked. This ensures the finish will be durable and rust free. EZ SNAP BaseBoard Heater Covers have a lifetime guarantee against rust to the original purchaser for as long as they own the property and the covers have not been modified or damaged in any way. If they rust we will replace them.