How to make your life easier for your dog during a home remodel

Home renovation isn’t just stressful on the people living there. It’s extremely stressful for your pet as well. If you have a dog who will be enduring a home renovation with you, then consider the following tips to ensure that your beloved pet is as comfortable as possible throughout the process.

Keep your dog safe

Your first priority needs to be protecting your pet from injury. During a remodel, nails and screws and sharp tools like saws all present potential hazards. Your dog may swallow sharp objects or cut him/herself on these tools. Workers are always coming and going so doors to the outdoors may be left opened and your pet, started by loud construction noise may get out and get lost. You should raise these concerns with your general contractor from the beginning so workers can take the appropriate precautions. You shouldn’t depend on the workers following orders when it comes to your dog’s safety however. You should also use baby gates to secure your pet in an area in your home that’s as far as possible from the loud noise any any doors that might allow your pet to get out. Also make sure your pet is microchipped and has a collar with easy-to-read contact info should he/she become lost.

Minimize strong odors

Dogs have better sniffers than humans. If a paint or adhesive is offending your nose, imagine what it’s doing to your pet. Instruct workers to use nails or staples as opposed to adhesives whenever possible and make sure to select paints with no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which release an odor as it dries. Since new carpets will be treated with chemicals to make them stain and fire resistant, order them well in advance so they can off-gas outdoors before being installed.

Recognize signs of distress

Not all dogs show distress in the same way. Some may whine or hide away and it can be quite obvious that your pet is in distress. A less obvious sign might be a reduced appetite or an increase in accidents inside the home. These are warning signs you might miss or disregard if you’re not paying close enough attention.

Follow routines

Dogs love routine and they can better cope with a home remodel if other aspects of their lives remain the same. Try your best to keep to their regular walk and feeding schedule.

Plenty of outdoor time

Dogs need to have plenty of time to play outside especially if their home life is disrupted. Beyond just regular walks around the neighborhood, get them outside by planning a trip to a dog park, going on a hike, or spending a day at the beach.

Bonus tip:

In addition to making your dog’s life more comfortable during the remodel, take advantage of the remodel to make your dog for comfortable post-remodel as well. Baseboard heater covers protect your pets from heating elements in the baseboard heaters. A mud room near the front entry is a great way to clean them off after a particularly dirty trip outside.

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