Six tips for great office interior design on a budget

If you thought decorating your home was time consuming and expensive, wait until you try your hand at decorating an office space. One way to do it is to order everything from a collection you found in a catalogue. Though it’s convenient, this method can be more costly, not to mention your decor probably won’t stand out. If you want a stand-out office space for less, here are a few tips.

Don’t limit yourself to one manufacturer

Ordering everything from the same catalogue is almost always a mistake. Different manufacturers will always be offering different deals. You should shop around and try to get the best deal for each purchase regardless of whether it’s all coming from the same place. This will also help you create a more unique look since you can mix and match from different collections.

“Settle” for alternative materials

Because the goal of office interior decorating is to impress, it’s understandable that you want to splurge on all the most expensive materials. While it may be okay to splurge here and there for a few statement pieces, you should use less expensive alternatives when appropriate. Laminate has come a long ways from the 80’s and can now be made to look indistinguishable from real wood or stone products. Laminate floors instead of hardwood and laminate counters instead of granite or marble can save you a fortune that you can allocate elsewhere.

Spend most where it matters most

Places like the conference room where you’ll pitch ideas to potential clients or investors are where you want to splurge. High end chairs and state of the art tech are a nice touch. In the break room where employees eat or socialize, you can use some nice, sturdy furniture but nothing that’s too fancy.

Purchase your conference table in pieces

A large conference table is likely to be one of your most expensive purchases so it pays to shop around. You may find that the least expensive way to do it is to buy the table top from one manufacturer and the legs from another..

Hold off on the finishing touches for a while

If you’re decorating an office space you’ve just moved into, don’t be in a hurry to put in all the finishing touches. Wait until you’ve established your company’s needs first. Instead focus on just the essential furniture and major pieces. Give it a month or two to determine your company’s specific needs and then fill in the rest accordingly. If you try to do everything right away, you’ll have no room to adapt down the road without throwing away items you’ve only just purchased months before.

Install baseboard heater covers

If you’ve moved into an older office space, your baseboard heaters may look a little sad. You don’t want eyesores like rusted heaters drawing the eyes of people who visit your office so invest in some attractive baseboard heater covers to give them a facelift.

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