Internet users share their interior decorating pet peeves

What separates good interior decorating from bad decorating? A lot of it comes down to personal taste. Some of the most popular trends in home decor are often the most hated. Things that were popular in the 70’s then reviled, are popular again. When it comes to interior decorating, it can be hard to keep track of the ever-changing trends. Nowhere is this better illustrated than on an online forum where people shared their interior decorating pet peeves. Here’s a sample.

Bowls of pebbles

Why spend lots of money on a nice centerpiece for your coffee table when you can just buy a glass fishbowl and fill it with rocks? Rocks are free. Somewhere along the line this particular home decor shortcut has become extremely popular with homeowners. Perhaps it’s popular because rocks are a way of bringing elements of the outdoors inside without using plants which need constant attention to keep them alive. Which brings us to…

Fake plants

Fake plants don’t fool anyone. They look like plastic because they are plastic. While they don’t require daily waterings and plenty of sunshine, you do have to dust each fake leaf individually every few weeks. Honestly, that might be worse than taking care of an actual plant.

Decorative twigs

Another variation of the pebbles-inside-of-glass-bowls look are arrangements of small twigs and branches. Like rocks, collections of twigs are not living things and require no maintenance, which makes them a popular choice. Still it makes you wonder, why are their dead twigs scattered about this room?

Ornamental words

You’ve no doubt seen some combination of “Live, Laugh, Love” displayed in dozens of homes during your life. These three in particular are the biggest offenders but the word “relax” often adorns the wall just above the bathtub, and the words “family” can often be seen among arrangements of photographs. Of particular offense to the French is when the words Bon Appetit are hung in the kitchen.

The color gray

Another popular home decor shortcut is the gray color scheme. Sure it makes things easy since any accent color will go well with it but some would argue that gray is the most boring color of all, even less interesting than black and white which at leasts creates some contrast.

Shabby chic

The term “shabby chic” is one that’s often thrown around by crafty DIYers but no one has been able to supply a satisfactory definition. It almost always involves trying hard to make new pieces of furniture look old by distressing the wood or purposefully chipping the paint just enough so that it’s old in a cool way, but not old in an ugly way.

What does all of this mean?

So what do these commonly hated, overused home decor trends tell us about interior decorating? Only that everything is subjective and at the end of the day, what really matters is your own personal taste. All of these examples, with the exception of ornamental words which are objectively bad, are a matter of personal taste. In fact, many people in the forum came to the defense of some of these design trends. If you want to install baseboard heater covers and paint them purple or put a bowl of rocks on every single surface in your interior home, it’s your prerogative. Just make sure you’re doing it because it’s what you like, and not because it’s popular.

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