Undecided about hiring a professional decorator? Here’s why you should

Are you on the fence about whether or not to hire a professional decorate to decorate your home? If you are, then consider the following reasons why you should.


Think about this: how many homes have you decorated in your life? Chances are, it’s the total number of homes you’ve lived in. That might be 2-3 or perhaps 10-12 or even more depending on your life’s circumstances. How many homes has a professional decorator decorated. Chances are that one good month of steady work is enough to surpass your number and many decorators have been in the business for years and years. They know what works and what doesn’t because they’ve seen it all.


Professional decorators are known to local building material suppliers, contractors, and furniture/appliance retailers. Often, decorators can get discounts on products that they purchase for your home, discounts you couldn’t get if you tried to buy everything and do the decorating yourself.


People usually see cost as a reason not to hire a professional decorator but the opposite can be true. While it’s true that you can expect to pay around 10% to 15% of your decorating budget to pay the decorator (thus leaving you with a smaller budget for purchases) it’s also true that a good decorator can do more with 85% of your budget than you could do with 100%. So when you consider the total bang for your buck, hiring the professional may be the better deal after all.

If you’re still undecided, consider getting estimates for a professional decorator consultation. You can gather pictures and put together plans and run them by a decorator who you pay for their time and input and not labor. Armed with a decorator’s opinion, you can do the labor yourself whether that’s painting, hanging curtains, installing baseboard radiator covers, or whatever else you and the decorator decide needs to be done.

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