Keeping a clear head is key to a successful home remodel

A home remodel can be one of the most stressful experiences you’ve ever gone through. That’s not an exaggeration. First, it’s one of the most expensive undertakings you’ll ever have. On top of figuring out how to pay for it, you’ve got to live in a construction site for however long it takes to finish or live out of a hotel or some other temporary home. Finally there’s the excitement–and frustration–that comes with anxiously awaiting the finished product and having to wait for delay after delay. A successful remodel requires a clear head from beginning to end despite all the craziness.

Carefully research prospective contractors

Selecting the right contractors for the job is literally half the battle. Choosing flaky, amateur “contractors” who may or may not have a license but they were cheaper than everyone else will drag things out, do inferior work, and you’ll probably end up needing to hire someone else anyways to set everything right.

Have realistic expectations

Don’t get so caught up in the excitement of the finished product that you rush through the planning. Have a clear vision going in and don’t expect everything to go exactly according to the planned timeframe and budget. Learn to enjoy the process.

Be willing to DIY

You can gain a sense of control over the situation by tackling the things you’re capable of doing by yourself. You also get the satisfaction that comes with that. Install some baseboard heater covers, repaint your kitchen, or replace the draws and pulls in your kitchen or bathrooms.

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